Inks and Varnishes

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Silver Mirror Effect Ink Luxury finishing, marketing effect
Encre à effet miroir 
Printing processes
UV Flexo
Mirror effect metallic ink.
Provides considerable added graphic value to advertising material, packaging, labels, etc.
It constitutes an alternative to thermal transfer (hot metallization) and enables wastage of gilding film for box sections to be avoided for example.
Products available
Ink colour: silver
  UV Flexo  
Non coated     *  
Matt coated     ***  
Gloss coated     ***  
Cardboard     ***  
Synthetics (1)     **  
Non absorbent substrates (2)     **  
 *** Perfectly suitable, ** Suitable, * Test necessary, X Not suitable;
(1) Synthetics (PE, PP, PET, PVC)
(2) Non absorbent substrates: tracing paper, coated chromo colour and metallic

  • The greater the amount of ink deposited, the more intense the mirror effect (up to a certain limit).
  • The metallic effect is better on flat surfaces. On irregular substrates, apply a base to smooth the surface.
  • Before any overprinting operations (overprinting or varnishing), it is strongly recommended to carry out a test beforehand.
  • Any varnishing reduces the metallic effect.
  • Maximum storage time: 6 months.

FDSBrancher Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained on request from our QSE Department.

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