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Reversible Thermochromic Ink Securement of documents or marketing effect
reversible thermochromic
Printing processes
UV Offset, UV Flexo
Water based Flexo
Temperature reactive ink; virtually invisible above a given temperature, it becomes coloured below this temperature and vice versa.
This thermochromic effect at 31°C enables documents such as luncheon vouchers, gift tokens or holiday cheques to be authenticated thanks to a change of colour at body / finger temperature.
This ink can also be used as a temperature indicator on packaging and labelling as a consumer guide to the correct conditions for consuming or using a product: coolness (example 15°C) or heat (example 47°C) control.
Products available
Ink colour:
Standard: blue, red, grey.
Specific on request: pink, orange, green.
Temperature of the effect:
Standard: 15, 31, 47°C.
Specific on request: other temperatures between -10°C and +69°C.
  Offset UV Offset UV Flexo Water based Flexo 
Non coated *** *** ** *** 
Matt coated * ***    **
Gloss coated * * **  **
Cardboard * **   *** 
Synthetics (1) X * ***
Non absorbent substrates (2) X * ***
 *** Perfectly suitable, ** Suitable, * Test necessary, X Not suitable;
(1) Synthetics (PE, PP, PET, PVC)
(2) Non absorbent substrates: tracing paper, coated chromo colour and metallic

  • The colour change takes place over a temperature range of several degrees around the temperature cited. Consequently, the temperatures at which the colour totally appears or disappears may differ by several degrees (please contact us).
  • Relatively pastel shades, limited opacity.
  • Thoroughly clean the ink ducts and rollers to avoid contamination by previously used ink colour.
  • Low light fastness. Do not use for exterior applications.
  • Maximum storage time: 6 months.

FDSBrancher Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained on request from our QSE Department.

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