Overprint Varnishes

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Overfix Water based acrylic dispersion overprint varnish

Varnishing unit

Improves the rub and scratch resistance of prints
Colourless and non-yellowing
No odour
Suitable for gluing
May be folded and cut rapidly
Non coated
Matt coated
Gloss coated
Lightweight paper
Non absorbent substrates (1)
Synthetic substrates (2)

 *** Perfectly suitable, ** Suitable, * Test necessary, X Not suitable

(1) Non absorbent substrates (tracing paper, coated chromo colour)
(2) Synthetics (PE, PP, PET, PVC)
Depending on the product: 10 kg Plastic containers, 25 kg Plastic containers, 200 kg Drums


Overfix Natura Varnish 35 to 55 s
Overfix Natura Matt Varnish 35 to 55 s
Overfix Back-to-Back Varnish 35 to 55 s
Overfix Primer Varnish 35 to 55 s

  • Stir before use.
  • Application by varnishing unit, varnishing machine or fount solution tank.
  • May be applied wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry(1).
  • Minimum drying time before varnishing on both sides: 24h.
  • To make reserves, use photopolymer plates or cut up a blanket.
  • Varnishes compatible with infrared (IR) drying:
    - Maximum stack temperature: 35°C on top and 30°C on reverse side.
  • Overfix Primer Varnish: may be used on difficult substrates to facilitate post printing.
  • Cleaning: use water or water + detergent.
  • Do not allow to freeze.

  • (1) Wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry varnishing prohibited on the following Pantone® inks: Rhodamine, Purple, Violet, Blue 072, Reflex Blue. Use light fast inks.

FDSBrancher Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained on request from our QSE Department.

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