Overprint Varnishes

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Isogliss Varnishes Conventional Offset varnishes
Prints mechanical protection
Customized finishes
Non coated
Matt coated
Gloss coated
Lightweight paper
Non absorbent substrates (1)
Synthetic substrates (2)

 *** Perfectly suitable, ** Suitable, * Test necessary, X Not suitable

(1) Non absorbent substrates (tracing paper, coated chromo colour)
(2) Synthetics (PE, PP, PET, PVC)
1 kg Tins, 2.5 kg Tins, 10 kg Canisters

Isogliss Varnishes

    Light fast inks and Other products Miscellaneous Characteristics
Isogliss Anti-abrasion High performance Varnishes Good mechanical resistance
Isogliss Non Slip High performance Varnishes Non slip. Suitable for hot stamping and lamination. Very high gloss
Isogliss Anti-adhesive High performance Varnishes Very high slip. May be used with scratch removable inks
Isogliss Anti-adhesive High performance Varnishes Gloss. Low odour for foodstuff packaging (Robinson Test <1)
Isogliss Brillance 3000 Effect Varnishes High Gloss. Good mechanical resistance
Isogliss Pearl Effect Varnishes Satin effect
Isogliss Natura Matt Effect Varnishes Matt effect. Low odour for foodstuff packaging (Robinson Test <1)

  • Offset application with or without fount solution from the ink duct.
  • Varnishes compatible with alcohol containing and alcohol free fount solutions.
  • May be used for solid prints or with reserves for gluing areas for example.
  • May be applied wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry.
  • To accelerate drying, use Colourless Drying Agent in the varnish (1 % maximum).
  • Isogliss Anti-abrasion, Natura, Matt Natura and Gloss 3000 are suitable for freezing applications.
  • Isogliss Natura and Matt Natura:
    - These varnishes comply with foodstuff packaging printing regulations (see «Inks for foodstuff packaging»).
    - Use with the Natura inks series.
    - Use only Natura auxiliary products (thinner, cleaner).
    - Not suitable for direct varnish – foodstuff contact (see «Inks for foodstuff packaging»).
  • Isogliss Non Slip Varnish can be used as an adhesive primer varnish before laminating or wet-on-dry varnishing: do not use anti set-off powder.
  • Using Isogliss Anti-adhesive Varnish for scratch removable inks:
    - Use coated paper.
    - Do not use anti set-off powder.
    - Not suitable for hot stamping.
    - Allow to dry for at least 48h before printing the mask.
  • Varnishes compatible with infrared (IR) drying: maximum stack temperature: 35°C on top and 30°C on reverse side.

FDSBrancher Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained on request from our QSE Department.

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