Inks and Varnishes

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Pearlescent Varnishes, Interferential Varnishes Luxury finishing, securement of documents
Encre et Vernis nacrés, Vernis interférentiels
Printing processes
Offset, Acrylic Varnishing
UV Offset, UV Flexo
The ink duct applied pearlescent varnishes give an enhanced iridescent effect when used in reserves.
The varnishing machine applied pearlescent varnishes enable a glittery effect to be obtained.
Depending on the viewing angle, the colour of interferential varnishes is visible or non visible. This iridescent effect is more pronounced for flexo varnishes than for paste varnishes.
Effect varnishes that provide added graphic value to advertising material, packaging, labels, etc.
The interferential effect is also a means of securement against photocopying fiduciary documents, luncheon vouchers, etc., because it cannot reproduce the colour change effect.
Products available
Ink colour: colourless or pastel shade varnishes.
Colour of the pearlescent effect: white, gold, bronze, etc.
Colour of the interferential effect: invisible and/or, red, blue, turquoise, green, etc.
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  Offset UV Offset UV Flexo  
Non coated * * X  
Matt coated ** ** ***  
Gloss coated *** *** ***  
Cardboard *** *** ***  
Synthetics (1) * * **  
Non absorbent substrates (2) * * **  
 *** Perfectly suitable, ** Suitable, * Test necessary, X Not suitable;
(1) Synthetics (PE, PP, PET, PVC)
(2) Non absorbent substrates: tracing paper, coated chromo colour and metallic

  • Sedimentation possible in pearlescent varnishes. Completely homogenise before use.
  • In the case of flexo pearlescent and interferential varnishes, use an anilox roller with a screen ruling between 60 and 100 l/cm to optimise the transfer of the pearlescent ingredients.
  • Carry out a test before any overprinting operations (overprinting or varnishing).
  • Maximum storage time: 1 year.

FDSBrancher Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained on request from our QSE Department.

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