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International distributors network

Present in 60 countries and with over 40 % of its turnover achieved through exports, the BRANCHER Company relies on a network of distributors specialised in the various sectors of the graphic industry and capable of meeting their technical requirements on a local basis.

The development of markets in the Central Europe zone enabled the Company to open up its first subsidiary in Poland in 2000: BCE (Brancher Central Europe) is based in Warsaw and has an agency in Krakow.
BRANCHER’s International presence ensures that the Company’s Research & Development Department remains fully abreast of the latest technological developments, a quite considerable asset.
Our scientists, engineers and technicians have numerous opportunities to conceive new products to meet specific requirements in different parts of the world. 
 The solutions developed in one part of the world are then subject to a technology transfer to other areas, including the French market, thereby accelerating the pace of innovation.
By the end of 2007, the Company had 20 Dayamix system® colour matching centres (see page 73) established throughout the world. These centres not only provide valuable feedback based on local experience to the Company, but also offer local customers irreplaceable expertise and close at hand service. They react with flexibility and rapidity to the growing demand for specific colours obtained by colour matching for Offset and UV inks.
Last but not least, the need to remain highly competitive has led the Company to conduct a strategy of sourcing high quality raw materials at low cost. In 2008, more than one third of the Company’s raw material and packaging purchases were sourced in the United States, in South America and in Asia, zones now of leading importance for the chemicals industry.
The company is located close to Le Havre, first France harbor, helping international development.
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