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Dayamix system®
The Dayamix system® is a worldwide network of colour matching stations certified by the BRANCHER Company.
Each colour matching station can easily manufacture an unlimited variety of colour matched inks for Offset, UV and Flexo. ISO 9001 certification ensures the system is managed in an efficient manner.
By performing the colorimetric study itself in its own mini-laboratory and manufacturing the colour matched ink by simple mixing, the network of stations installed in each country can offer unprecedented delivery times.
The colorimetric compliance report represents a common worldwide colorimetric standard between the ink supplier, the printer and the client. 
The printing of packaging for the publishing and advertising sectors makes use of an extremely varied palette of colours. This colorimetric richness, which extends well beyond the possibilities offered by four colour process printing, is obtained by means of colorimetric inks elaborated in Dayamix system® colour matching stations.
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