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Acquisition of BRANCHER - Juin 2012

SUZHOU KINGSWOOD PRINTING INKS has acquired 100% of BRANCHER Co. effective on June 1st, 2012.


We have the pleasure to announce that SUZHOU KINGSWOOD PRINTING INKS has acquired 100% of BRANCHER Co. effective on June 1st, 2012.

KINGSWOOD guarantees the best business continuity for BRANCHER Co preserving 82 employees at the Head Office and 3 domestic agencies. The subsidiary in Poland, Brancher Central Europe, is also preserved.

SUZHOU KINGSWOOD PRINTING INKS Co is the leading conventional offset printing inks manufacturer in China. KINGSWOOD has 250 employees and a turnover of 55M€, 35% of which is made outside of China. Originally a family business, KINGSWOOD became a Public Company listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

The KINGSWOOD’s acquisition of BRANCHER will make the best use of BRANCHER’s assets and expertise. The new strategy will be built on BRANCHER’s strengths by:

· Maintaining the current sheetfed production in France and specializing the development in UV inks, Liquid inks, specific inks for foodstuff packaging industry and high added-value products (Base Concentrates for mixing stations, Smart’Up inks for special effect and security printing.

· Generating cost savings due to the strong synergy between booth entities and the economies of scale in terms of purchasing power.

· Keeping the commitment to the high levels of quality and services for which BRANCHER has been renowned for decades.

· Upgrading R&D center in order to improve BRANCHER’s portfolio and develop new technology inks.

· Ensuring the promotion of BRANCHER’s trademark in the world.

· Developing aggressively sales in France and Worldwide.

· Providing access to new markets for all BRANCHER’s products via KINGSWOOD’s current sales network.

This dynamic business plan is exceptionally attractive for BRANCHER’s partners and customers providing increased long term market competitiveness and new opportunities.



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